Are you living your passion?


They say that if you haven’t found your real passion in life… the way you were meant to serve, why you are here, that we should look back into our childhood to see what some of the things were that we loved to do or had a passion for.

Well, I grew up in the country and out there we had those old wooden stands that the water tanks would sit on. And now and again you could find one with no tank on it all and that was good news for me because I would climb up on it and perform to an imaginary audience. Now I wasn’t really clear about what I was performing then, but I was on stage and I was performing, I was in the moment, I felt fantastic and the audience loved it!

I also performed in little theatre growing up… another stage!

It would then take about 25 years for that innocent ‘playing’ which, I know now, was actually my true calling expressing itself, to show up in real life and looking back now I see the path from there to here, through hairdressing, sales, management and training was as it should be, it was as if that, with each job I did, I did with the same enthusiasm as I performed on the tank stand and the Universe then gave me opportunities that directed me to where I am today doing what I absolutely love to do and what I believe I am here to do.

But there is more…

My Mum recently returned a special book to me from my childhood that she had kept for all of these years. Just a plain old exercise book, the kind you use at school, but the reason it was special was what was inside. It was a book that had entitled ‘Special Things’, and in this book I had written quotes that I had copied out of magazines and Readers Digests… positive uplifting quotes and verses as well as some of my own thoughts. And then I reflected and remembered how much I loved to write back then too. I would often get asked to read my stories in class and always received high marks getting recognised for being a very creative writer. Once again a message from my past about my passion, so now I deliver messages of inspiration, as reflected in many of the quotes and sayings I lovingly wrote and copied. And here I am also writing, it too, it seems is what I am here to do, to express myself not just from the stage but also in the written word.

When I am on stage sharing me and my messages it is like time stops still and I am totally on purpose… and for that I am so, so grateful… so if you still haven’t quite found your passionate purpose, sneak back and have a look at the little person in you and remember who she was and what she loved, and ask yourself how you can do that?

And then don’t forget the steps in between, and that is often I think what is forgotten and what I mean is that begin where you are NOW… as I have mentioned I went through quite a journey before I got to the stage and in reflection it was all so necessary in preparing me for where I am now!

So often I see people holding back on what they are doing now and not giving it their best, because t isn’t really what they want to do… but in the holding back it could be that you are keeping the door locked to the next stage of your life… wherever we are right now we chose to be so give that position, that company and that job the respect it deserves and watch the doors open around you.

Signs are in our past of our passions, and preparation is in today for making them happen tomorrow.

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