And so here we are and now I get it.

So imagine that you woke up one day and realised it was all worth it…. just think that you woke up and something really amazing happened and suddenly you knew it was all going to be ok… and then you had a flash of clarity that suggested to you that without you going through all that you went through… the pain, the grief, the happy times, the sad times.. without the mistakes, the successes, the failures and the breakthroughs, without the amazing people that influenced you and the losers that didn’t and passed through or you allowed to hang around, without the broken windows, the financial challenges, without GFC’s and downturns and up turns without love and loss and resistance and growth… what if you knew that without going through all of that you would never arrived to here!??

And you realise that here is such a beautiful place to be and you suddenly are OK with where you have been because you are so delighted with where you have arrived too! Imagine that?? And maybe it is with that attitude that we should approach our daily life and maybe we will always struggle to do that because we are always so anxious to get through here to get to there…. if only we listened to all of the quotes, all of the reminders, all of the books we read… if only we lived what we knew and relaxed and surrendered to doing our best every day and reflect, grow and learn but then trust… trust that when you are doing that the Universe is in the background, so while we may be writing the words, the Universe is composing the beautiful music that will bring it alive and sometimes we don’t realise how beautiful those words are going to be when put to music and when played all together …all coming together in a beautiful crescendo …. music is filled with pauses and low notes mixed with high light notes and then depth and darkness and that is what makes it entertaining … but in the end it brings us to a moment that brings as to our feet, giving thunderous applause and loving the journey that bought us to that moment……!

And perhaps so it is with our lives… a length of time is a composition of music and it was all as it should and without it we would never have got to those delicious moments that gives us a standing ovation and fills us with passion, peace and purpose…… ahh it sure feels good!

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