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Chat to the universe on self doubt

Chat to the universe of self doubt

In case you needed reminding…

So, I was just sitting there..looking out at a beautiful view over the ocean feeling like I was sitting on the edge of the Universe and then suddenly I felt inclined to have a chat with the Universe.. you see I had been doing that thing, that thing where you look across at other people doing what you are doing and you compare and suddenly you think you are moving to slow or you start to have doubts about yourself and your ability to achieve all that you want and then…wouldn’t you know it, the Universe started to have one of those chats with me, and it went something like this!

Universe: I feel like you are experiencing some self-doubt?
Me: Yes, that would be fair to say..

Universe: Why?
Me: I don’t know you tell me why, you are the Universe; you are supposed to know this stuff!

Universe: Well firstly you forget that you do know this stuff and you need to remember what you already knew…it is all in there, you are from this Universe, so have all that you need…. and the first big thing you need to remember is you are playing your own game in this Universe and you are doing it in your own unique way and so therefore it would make no sense to compare you or your journey to anybody else’s, would it? But it appears sometimes your Ego wins and you do do that, and if you use that moment of discomfort to spur you in YOUR direction towards YOUR goals and YOUR truth then that is ok, however if it does the opposite and steals your energy then it will take you off course… so be aware of that!
Me: Oh, that is so true, why do I keep forgetting…?

Universe: Because your society teaches you that you are all in competition with each other and you suddenly feel like there is not enough clients, people, audiences, money and customers to go around…. however if you are staying in purpose you will realise there will always be enough..so many of you talk of this ‘faith’ but so few practice it…
Me: I will try and remember from now on…

Universe: Please don’t….
Me: What? I am confused…

Universe: Please don’t TRY… because you trying always has you trying and that is very trying and tiring for me, sitting here watching and feeling you caught up in the trying… could you just do instead!
Me: OH…. OK then, I am now remembering from this moment…. and doing…. Ok?

Universe: OK….now about this self-doubt…
Me: Hmmmm, yes….so what is it I need to remember?

Universe: What do you think when you see a newborn baby?
Me: Well, I think, feel and see beauty, I am in awe of the miracle that has occurred and I feel love and excitement for a new life.

Universe: Oh goody, me too! And I felt that when I saw you and so did many others… so would it be fair to say you see a future filled with unlimited potential for this new life….
Me: Well yes…

Universe: Great, I did for you too and so did many others.
Me: awww, thanks…

Universe: And so then, do you ever look at a baby and think, “Well, have a look at you… you are a mess, what a joke… so this is how you turned out eh? And look at your odd shaped nose, oh you are really going to mess things up!’
Me: That’s terrible of course not!!!

Universe: Well, why do I hear all of you saying things like that to yourselves every day, and sometimes to each other… what are you thinking? Well I will tell you are not thinking, you are simply repeating somebody else’s story of you that you bought into… somebody else who also stopped believing and remembering the miracle that they are… and now you have to stop doing that!
Me: Oh ok I will try…

Universe: Please don’t try… sigh…
Me: Woops, Ok, I will stop talking to myself in that way, I will start treating myself and those around me with the respect they deserve, being the miracles that they are…

Universe: Great, because you always have to start with YOU, you can’t give what you don’t have…and now do you remember why you decided to learn to walk?

Me: Of course not.
Universe: But you did?

Me: Obviously!
Universe: Don’t be smart, there is an important lesson here…

Me: Sorry ok…
Universe: You fell over when you first tried, I saw you and so did many others…

Me: Are you having a go at me?
Universe: Well you did, but you kept getting back up and doing it over and over again, you made mistakes, you hurt yourself, you got tired, but you just knew you had to keep getting back up, because you knew you wanted to grow and walk! At no point did you say, Enough… this is ridiculous, I have tried, I have made many mistakes and failed and now I am going to sit here for the rest of my life!! No… you went on knowing for sure that being the miracle that you are that you would walk, you did not know such labels as mistakes, failure and had no FEAR of the judgements of others, you were not concerned if the child next door walked first.. you were Being you and doing it in your time, your way and not ever did you doubt yourself….

Me: Wow, I sound amazing! We all sound amazing!
Universe: YES you are!

Me: Why do we forget?
Universe: You listen to too much of everybody else and not enough of yourself… listen to your feelings and stay on track with living YOUR best life. And remember that as an Adult with every new emotional, spiritual, relationship and academic growth, with every new skill learnt you will go back to that ‘Learning to Walk’, so you may make a mistake, hurt yourself, trip over, look foolish…. but don’t buy into the FEAR…. keep on through all of that which naturally comes with growth…. keep on with a knowing and a belief that being that miracle that you are that you will eventually have it together and have mastered your new skill, growth and stage….

Me: Oh, thank you…. so I shall keep walking…
Universe: Oh, yes please… keep walking your path and keep inspiring those that have decided to not to try walking a new stage of growth, because they bought into the FEAR of what others think… inspire them to believe in the miracles that they are and that you have to fall down every now and again to get strong enough to stand back up!

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