Delivering our truth

With all of these acting awards going on recently it just got me thinking… the best ‘acting’ performances, the ones that are the most believable and that have us totally immersed in them as the character are the ones where they have connected the ‘heart’ and ‘feeling’ experience with the learning and delivering of the lines, so making it an honest performance.

It is a little like that with us in our daily lives.

It is like that some people got coerced into thinking that they had to live their life delivering the ‘lines’ or the ‘script’ that they felt either people want to hear, or that made them look good to everybody else, or that would make people think more highly of them… but in their heart they weren’t always believing what they were saying, this then makes us appear a little ‘fake’, non-authentic and perhaps makes us a little harder to connect to… the positive thinking movement did us some injustice (or our interpretation of it) because everybody seemed to take it to the extreme and started acting like we should just read the ‘my life is always great’ script, when in fact it may have been falling apart, or you were having a shitty time… any wonder ‘vulnerability’ has become the new movement, where we have to learn to be honest and real about our pain as well as our pleasure, our perfections and imperfections, our triumphs and our failures, our breakdowns and breakthroughs… so to live your most ‘real’ and honest life and connect with people around you at the deepest levels and leave the greatest impact as a leader perhaps we need to make sure we are not just reading the lines off the teleprompter of society and ‘what other people might think’ or ‘what you think people want to hear’ or ‘keeping myself looking good at all costs’… but delivering our truth from our hearts and our heads…

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