Who are you really?

So often we hear people being introduced, showcased and talked about like a Bio… how many speaking gigs they have done this year, how many frequent flier points they have accumulated, the title of their position, how many best sellers they have written, how many people they manage, what earning bracket they sit in, who they know, how long they have been married, how many ‘A’ s their children get at school, where they live, what they drive, how many standing ovations the have had, how many FB friends they have got or how many ‘LIKES’ they have on their page. And so is the same for organisations and countries.

Well you know what I want to know. I want to know WHO you are without all of that! I want to know WHO you are when your marriage breaks down or your kids do something wrong… I want to know WHO you are then. I want to know who you are when the money goes, you get fired and the book is a flop or you didn’t get ALL those gigs. WHO are you then? Do you still feel enough?

Now it is great to go for the best costumes and props we can find while we are here… we deserve it, why not… but remember that is not WHO we are. Have we over identified with all of that external applause and recognition and now we wear it like a costume and we start to let it define who we are.

When I really see you and when I really see myself is when things get tough, when you have those layers/that costume and mask stripped away… that’s when we get to see who we really are and which bits need to be worked on, nurtured and loved.

And then are you comfortable sitting with yourself? Are the people we have attracted into our lives still comfortable to sit with us and support us? Oh yes, that’s when we see whether we have over identified with that external you and become addicted to the external ‘stuff’, ‘applause’ and recognition… all of that that sits outside of us instead of going within and working from there. Yep, I want to know WHO I am without all of that and I want to know WHO you are without all of that… and I want to know if you still think you are enough… because I know you are and I want to show you that you are because you are and because right there is our authentic and real truth and when we are in touch with ‘us’ we will never (Ok we will resist ) over identify with all of that, that which doesn’t really count in the end…. and we will take care of what is important when life squeezes us, starting with ourselves.

I want to see how a family acts when in crisis (being squeezed), because then I really see how they are as a family… how about a country/government and individuals act when under pressure financially/emotionally/socially and otherwise, do they step up, admit it, be real and authentic, own the situation (because that is where healing begins) and help each other… or do they just ‘keep up appearances’…. yep, in our western world we are so layered up in such big costumes and masks many of us have forgotten who we are under those costumes and without all of that and many of us stay so busy updating and adding to our costumes hoping we never have to find out…. but life won’t let you escape because we get tired and as much as we can dance around, keep busy, get creative at avoiding, well we suddenly will find ourselves faced with a situation where it is time to come out from hiding and just BE WHO we really are and live our truth, admit that it wasn’t as ‘perfect’ as you all thought and then I think we will discover so many authentic people sitting with us…. and we will be so relieved that at last we can relax into ourselves, knowing that we were already enough!

We see so many people in our affluent societies who have so much of all of that out there that they have over identified in it and when they lose some of it or all of it, they think that their life is no longer worth living? Your life is the only reason you need to keep living, because you have the beautiful gift of life itself. While we are throwing away life with the loss of our stuff, there are people in other countries just fighting to hang on to life itself, because that is ALL they have. You were born into this world a perfect miracle with nothing and you will leave this world a perfect miracle with nothing, the rest were always just the trimmings and the fun along the way. All a part of revealing us, and discovering us and a way to enjoy the journey that is life.
Yep, I want to know WHO you are and WHO I am without the costumes, (well you could have some clothes on!) the layers and when it is all just going ‘great’. That is where the truth will be and we will be liberated and we will then invite peace, abundance and ongoing joy..(ok there will always be a little pain too) into our lives! I am doing my next SHOW free of any costumes…yep I will be nude! Ok, that’s a joke.

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