This is What Makes Me Sad

Do you know what I am sad about for us as individuals, as a community and a society?

I am sad that we bought into the lie that what we have is more important than who we are!
Because when we lose it where does that leave us?

I am sad that we bought into the lie that where we lived, what we wear and the car we drive defines us and our worth.
Because sometimes we are working so hard to keep all of that we have lost who we are, our relationships are suffering and we don’t know how to make it stop.

I am sad that we bought into the lie that my friends wouldn’t like me anymore if I admitted I was failing and falling in some areas of my life.
Because the truth is we need each other and to admit this would strengthen friendships, and this would make us all feel less alone and would be neighbourhood therapy around barbies and kitchen tables.

I am sad that we bought into the lie that loving ourselves was a selfish act.
Because the truth is loving yourself is one of the most unselfish actions you can give your fellow human being. We can’t give what we don’t have… treat your neighbour as you would treat yourself… perhaps that is what’s happening. We love ourselves more, we treat people better!

I am sad that we bought into this idea that we don’t have the ability to empower ourselves and take responsibility for our lives and the choices we make.
Because the truth is it is your life, not your friends, not the governments and not Facebooks! You have the power to start new habits, kick old habits and change and redirect your life!

I am sad that we forgot we are a miracle and bought into the lie that failing or making a mistake is bad.
Because how do we expect to grow and develop and live a big colourful, bright and passionate life if we don’t fall down every now and again, just like we did when we were learning to walk!

I am sad that we bought into the lie that how we look is more important than who we are.
Because where does that leave us when we get old, put on weight or don’t fit into the supermodel image.

I am sad that we bought into the lie that other people’s opinions were more important than our own opinion of ourselves and that when they expressed their opinion we thought we had to believe them!
Because where does that leave us when somebody says something that is hurtful… which is inevitable sometime in a lifetime.

I am sad that we bought into the lie that fame, money and raving fans will bring you peace, happiness and love!
Because where does it leave us after years of delaying happiness until we getting there and then when you do finding out it isn’t true after all.

But what I am most sad about is that while we are buying into these stories in our abundant society’s and then getting depressed when life gets tough or even checking out… well while we are doing that there are other people all over the world fighting just to hang on to life itself, fighting for one more meal, fighting for one more day, because they understand the amazing gift and miracle of life itself!

And I am so happy that I have been given another day to live, to be empowered to know that I have choices in who I let into my life and how I let them make me feel…Let us treat our ‘life’ and each others, with a little more respect!

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