What are You Worth

Hey friends, Julie Cross here. How you doing? Just wanted to talk to you today about investing in yourself. Because I get a little challenged sometimes from people with my public shows, particularly, when I’m charging an individual per-head price. They’re for teens, tweens, and their parents to our Building Resilience event. It’s $45 dollars each, and there is a special family ticket where you get it heavily discounted.

So, and I understand $45, you’ve got a couple of kids, children coming, it starts to make it expensive. But my, I gotta challenge people a little bit when they question me on that and go, you know, somebody said oh why is it so expensive? Well, you know, I gotta fly wherever I’m going, I’ve got to book a room, I’ve got to pay for my accommodation I’ve gotta book all the book all the sound equipment, et cetera, or I’ve got to promo it. I’ve got to spend money on that.

And then I actually do this for a job so I make no apologies for that, actually. I have to make some money from it because that’s what I do and I’ve spent 20 years building up a wealth of information developing my stagecraft and myself professionally so that I can be good at it. And make sure that you get your money’s worth when you do come to it. So I make no apologies for that. But this is the other thing around that, that mentality around that, is me questioning what are you worth? So are you worth the investment, $45?

You know, when I give free tickets away to events, and people will contact me and say Julie, you know, I know some people that really need to hear your message, but they can’t afford it and they genuinely cannot afford it, genuinely could not save up for it and afford it. Can you give them some free tickets? So I’ll give free tickets. Do you know how many of those free ticket people show up? Oh, hardly any of them! If any of them.

You see, because there is no price attached, there is no value attached. And they are not people who want to be there. They’re captives, that you know, they’re not somebody who might have thought that they were worth it. And so they don’t even feel that they’re worth showing up and so they don’t show up. Putting a price on it adds a value to it. People take much better notes if they’re paying for the ticket. Because they see that there’s a perceived value.

I mean, I’ve done events for communities before where communities have had, have done fundraising or they’ve had grants and they’ve put on a community event so they’ve made it free for the community they’ve got me to speak and paid for me with the grant and people don’t show up, people say they’re gonna but they don’t because there’s no commitment, because they haven’t paid a ticket price for it. And so you know, it is really important. That it the first step, knowing you’re worth the $45 for the ticket is your first step in your first lesson. That you’re worth it, because you know, we’re psychologically hypnotized into spending money once we’re sick emotionally or physically.

But we don’t spend money to stay healthy, emotionally and physically. You know, so we’ve got to shift that mentality and know that we’re worth investing in staying strong and healthy. We spend, you know, hundreds of dollars on our kids all the time on dressing them on the outside, we don’t blink an eyelid because we’re accustomed to spending that money. And sometimes we place it’s interesting the worth that we place, too, where you know, some people think that if you spend the money on the $20,000 on the course you’ll get success quicker than the $1000 course.

But that’s no necessarily true, either. Because whether you pay $45 a ticket or you pay $5000 for the weekend event you’ve still got to come home and do something with it. You know, it still will be over to you to do something with it and put it into action. You know, I saw this, read this some time ago and this really hit home for me and there’s, in this book they challenged us on saying that your life’s in a circle. If you put your whole life in a circle, it’s a very busy circle, we’ve all got busy circles. In that circle is our time, our stuff, our relationships, and we’re all trying to fit everything in to this circle.

Anytime you want anything in life, there is a price attached to it, which means that you’re going to have to take something out of the circle to pay the price, to bring something else in. And so like, I decided I wanted to be a fit and healthy version of myself and get fitter and healthier as I got older, and so something had to come out of the circle. So sleeping in had to come out of the circle. Cause I found some time lying around at 5 AM doing nothing. So I got it out, got out of bed, went for a walk. And so that’s the price you pay if you want to stay fit.

You can either say, keep saying I haven’t got any time, I haven’t got any time. Or you can find the time, take it, and pay a price out of the circle. And so, you know, that’s the price you pay. You can’t just sit and home and say I wanna be fit, I wanna be fit and then get angry at the world because you’re not getting fit when you’re not doing anything about it. And so, some people always challenge, people say you know, Julie Cross seminar is coming up, Julie Cross, shoes, Julie Cross, shoes. Some people buy the shoes. And some people say, well I’m not gonna buy the shoes this month or do this or have the meal out, I’m in fact gonna go to Julie Cross instead and I’ll pay that price out of my circle.

So you’ve got to make a choice as to what you’re going to invest in this month or this week. And so you make the choice. You know, one lady said to me at an event I said oh, you know so I just decided on saving some money for my financial future and so I couldn’t buy every pair of shoes that I saw that I liked anymore. So I had to take the shoes out of the circle. And she said to me, but I want the shoes! I said, but this is my circle!

I’m not saying yours is bad or wrong. You’ve got to do your circle for you. But don’t blame anyone else if you’re not prepared to pay the price. Because don’t look across at me in ten years and say gee, you’re lucky because of where you are financially. Because I’ll look back at you and go but you’re lucky cause you’ve got the shoes! And so it’s just the price that we’re prepared to pay and the decision that we make at the time. And so you’re worth the investment. And that’s knowing that you’re worth investing in.

I also read a quote that said your income will not exceed your personal development. That was from Jim Rohn. Your income will not exceed your personal development. The more you develop yourself personally, the more stuff you will attract to you because you will become more. And when we become more, we get more. And so this is that thing of how much are our children worth in developing their resilience? But don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean either. You know, because once again that pendulum could swing the other way.

I remember when my oldest son was first went to a private school, and that was a choice that we made, we took stuff our of our circle to pay for private school. But I remember the conversation I had with Jack. Don’t think for a minute that this makes you better than anyone else. That when you sit on a bus, just because you go to the private school doesn’t make you better than the boy that you sit next to that goes to the public school. And so it doesn’t make us better. It’s just about the fact that we have that ability to attend. It’s still about what we do with what we get out of it. Whether it’s a $45 ticket to my show or a $5000 weekend.

So let us remember that, too, so we’ve gotta get the balance of it. So I think you’re worth the investment. And so yeah, it’s it’s $45. And if you come to my event, and you leave and you feel like you never got anything out of that and that you never got your value in that time. And the energy that was in the room and the message, then I’ll give you your money back. I’ve got no qualms about that. But yeah, the first lesson is knowing you’re worth the $45 to come to the event, it’s $45.

Okay, thank you! Talk to you later.

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