I Want to Be Weed

I Want to Be Weed


So, I am out walking a noticing the weeds coming up in the gardens as the council are spraying them.. and you know me.. messages everywhere!

So, I got to thinking… I want to be the weed in life!!

Weeds aren’t precious about the conditions they grow in, they don’t wait for it all to be perfect, they just pop up, anywhere and everywhere… on rocks, between rocks, through cracks in concrete, in your garden… anywhere… we could learn from that.

They don’t need constant attention to grow and flourish (economic conditions, applause, compliments, encouragement), they just get on with it and do what they do. They don’t care whether we want them or think they are pretty, they just grow anyway!

You can poison them, pull em up and mow em and they just wait a minute, regroup and then POW they are back looking at us as if to say, is that all you got and they don’t grow in lines or rows, they stand out from the crowd and do as they damn please.

The soil doesn’t have t be right, no need for constant watering or fertilizing to flourish… weeds have got it all going on… I want to be the weed and I am ok about it!

And I just googles ‘weed’ images… eeeek… that is not the kind of weed I am talking about!

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