This is your life

this is your life - julie cross

This will be the theme for one of my new 2017 public SHOWS… this is your life… so would you like to take responsibility with that!?

Responsibility for the way we think… and knowing we can change it…

Responsibility for the choices we make… and knowing we could now make some different choices.

Responsibility for the relationships we cultivate… and how we can walk up to new ones and walk away from those not serving us.

Responsibility for our attitude towards our jobs… I mean you choose to keep going back and taking a day check.

Responsibility for the output of our team members… I mean you employed them and you are their leader.

Responsibility for our bodies and our health… well it is yours, who’s job is it to look after it if not yours…

Etc…. etc…. etc…..

And how exciting to know that we can take responsibility for living our best and most sparkling life despite our circumstances.

I’m excited!

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