The Women Poem

I wrote this poem when my son Jack came up to me one day and asked, “So Mum, just what do women want?”… good question Jack and it just may be worth exploring because we have been on quiet a journey trying to find out what we want.

To our men…sorry!

I can do it, I am woman, hear me roar,

But yes please I love it when you open the door,

Please be the provider and pay the bills,

And please be strong, why do you need to pop pills?

We like that bad boy image, but only from afar,

Treat me with care, wear clean shoes and do have a nice car,

Oh yes, I want you to grow emotionally and spiritually,

But, please don’t take time off to do it, who will earn the money, seriously??

I want you to treat me gently and with love and respect,

50 Shades of Grey…A best seller… hypocrisy, do I detect?

I am sorry I think we may have accidently confused you,

About how we want to be treated and what we want you to do

You see because it is confusing for us, oh yes it is too,

Bras got burnt and now we aren’t sure what or who is true,

Because then we bought into fake breasts, and pumped up our lips,

And worry a lot about what (not you, but), our girlfriends think about the size of our hips,

Who am I, who are you and what our roles are, and what do we all do,

Lines got blurred, but this could be good, if we could just get a new clue,

You see, we had to fight so damn hard for deserved equality,

We had to bang you over the head with it, no place for subtlety,

Even though I know that MOST things a man can do, I can too?

There will be still some things I am happy to leave up to you,

And I do want to be all women; I think I know that for sure?

And I want you to love me, and show me right to my core,

I want you to shout out to the world that I am your girl,

And dance with me like Patrick Swayze, lift me and twirl,

And fix the blocked sink like a boss that can,

And I will be your number 1, yep your raving fan,

I know I nag you about the way you hang out the washing,

When they say I should just be grateful instead of scoring and watching,

I work 40 plus hours now too, we wanted that right?

Oh, a year off to be a Mum and a wife would be a delight,

And yes you now should help with the housework every day,

And that my darling could even be our foreplay!

I know I don’t love my body, especially my backside,

But you better not look at any other fillies while you are trackside,

And why do you need so much time out with the boys,

Always talking sport and comparing your latest boys toys,

What do you mean that you think I am always a nag,

Well maybe if you spent more time with our kids playing tag,

Oh yes, all just a bit of fun, but maybe a little truth for some?

And stop it, why are you looking at my bum,

Are you thinking that it looks big in this dress?!

Ahhh, no correct answer, perhaps just a little kiss and caress… 😉

Oh please.. to all our men, blokes, fellas and gentle-men,

We cannot do it all without you, and if we could, what then?

We appreciate you, we love you and we want you to be happy and content,

So sorry for all the confusion with the messages you may have been sent..

Women love men and men love women, so let’s get it together,

And support each other, because we have each other forever!


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