The Power of Laughter

Get a little laughter going on! Humour puts the magic into the mundane!

Hey friends, just wanted to drop by and talk all things humor. That was the focus recently of my adults-only show. I got some great feedback on it.

So much so actually that a lady just recently contacted me to interview me for her show, online show, but she said oh, it was so exciting to be able to interview a comedian. And I was like you got the wrong girl, I’m not a comedian, but I am into humor.

Because I just think that we underestimate the power of humor, you know, antidepressants don’t necessarily have to come in a blister pack. They can come in a moment that you can create some humor in and it will connect people, it creates magic in the mundane, to add some humor.

And we talk about wanting stages to make a difference in the world, we have stages in the most mundane of moments to make a difference in people’s lives, and to connect people and to inspire them and humor’s one of the ways that we do that. And it lightens our world, it lightens our life as well.

So, a couple of the stories I told about finding humor in just the very normal moments. So I was in an IGA and I wanted 200 grams of ham, as you do, you know, for the school lunches, 200 grams of ham. So I said to the lady in the deli, 200 grams of ham, and they grab the ham, they throw it on the scales. But she threw it on, and then they do the thing of taking, adding, you know.

But she threw it on the scales, 200 right on the money. Well when I saw the 200 come up, I was like whoooo! I said you must wish we had a bell to ring, I said right on the money, first time! 200! She was a bit like and then she was like, oh it does feel a bit like, well I wouldn’t mind having to ring a bell like woohoo! And I’m like absolutely!

And then you know we’re laughing and people are coming over and a bit of a clap, and then so instantly then we’re all talking to each other and it creates connection and lightness and laughter and love. And so it’s a good thing to find the humor in the most mundane moments.

And then there was another day I was in at the IGA and the lady in front of me was being served, you know, beep, beep, beep. And then the guy serving her and beep, and then the lady would kinda go, oh I just want a price check on that, well how much did you just charge me for that, oh I don’t think that’s what it was.

Beep, beep, oh, how much was that one? No, I think, no I’m not sure if that’s what the sign said, could you just get a price check? And he’s getting a little bit testy and then beep, oh, how much was that? And then I could see him start to kinda stop himself from rolling his eyes, and to be honest, I started to get a little bit oh my gosh, alright, just let’s do this.

But then you just relax back into it and I kinda was watching his reaction and I thought, oh well we don’t need two of us getting stressed. So when it was my turn next, and he goes beep beep and I go oh, can I get a price check on that? And he goes, and I… just kidding! Just kidding! And then he laughed, and we laughed, and the person behind me laughed and we all had a bit of a joke.

And you take a risk, you take a bit of a risk because maybe he wanted to pick up something and hit me over the head with it, I don’t know. Maybe he would’ve got pissed off, I don’t know. So humor does involve these days it appears, taking a little bit of risk, but I just think it’s worth the risk for all of us.

To find that lightness in life, you know. When there’s so heavy, when you turn on the news, everything’s so heavy. We gotta be able to lighten up a little bit and find that lightness and laughter. And you know, I had to smile too when I was doing the research because everyone has a go at me about my selfie face.

But then I read some research about humor, I was doing some research about humor and I read some research down the fact that even when you make your face into a smile, even when you start that process, your brain starts triggering off endorphins because it’s thinking that we’re happy.

So every time I would do this in a selfie, it’s like a little bit of therapy, you know. So you might wanna get your selfie face going on. So, laughter, love, lightness, I wish some of that for you today.

Have a great one.

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