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As I wake up in Roma after a fabulous day yesterday presenting to 90 ladies at a ‘Rural Womens Unite’ event… some incredible local Sheroes who have all had their story with mental and emotional health decide to be proactive and create something positive for women in rural areas with a focus on their emotional and mental health… taking responsibility and taking the risk to do something positive, love their work…

And as we wake up with the results of the election our elected government now have the job of keeping promises and listening to the people, ‘taking responsibility’ on the stage they have chosen and were elected to…so as we look after our nation economically let us also answer the calling to look after our people emotionally and mentally… I could reel off statistics and data, but you have heard the stories…suicide in our young people, domestic violence, children as young as 5 in therapy for anxiety, more people than ever on medication for emotional and mental issues… so when the government have done what they can in this area, and they will surely?, and so they should what about us in our own homes, what are we doing to ‘take responsibility’… let us not just look after our ‘economic’ situation but also our health…

Perhaps it would be OK if we didn’t get the latest car and send our kids to the most expensive private school so that we didn’t have to put ourselves under unnecessary stress financially and economically to pay for it… let us know that we can live within our means and still be ‘more than enough’… let us remember we don’t have to try and keep up with everybody else, run your own race economically and look after each other emotionally as well. No point having it all when you can’t enjoy it all.

And then I go for a walk here in Roma… good for us physically and emotionally… I notice the local Rugby Game going on…so many people watching and cheering and so many in the community coming together… feeling lonely… go down to a local sporting game in your local area and feel the energy of a community… I delighted in hearing the fun, applause and hearing the commentator thank the sponsors … business’s who understand how important a club is like this in a community… I heard the fun continue after their big win and when I heard ‘Love Shack’ being blasted from the speakers I begged the policeman in the room opposite me not to let me leave and go dancing! ? It would just get messy… ?

My morning walk this morning… the government has put in a beautiful walking path along a creek… free exercise equipment if you like… in most of our cities and town we have nice places to walk… and as you walk you can’t help but breathe in that beautiful country air… (people pay to go to breathing workshops), and then you feel that sun on your face (people are lacking in Vit D), you feel that breeze whip around you and caress your skin(the universe wrapping you up in love), and then you tune into the sounds of all of the different birds ( the practice of mindfulness just concentrating on what you can hear… people pay a lot of money to get taught to do that), and you notice mother nature in all her glory, the size, colour and shape of the trees, (the more connected you are with Mother Nature the more connected you are to yourself )… a walk in the morning… a mental, physical and emotional workout.

And some issues are nowhere near as simple as this of course, so yes Prime Minister we will need your help… but as we call on the Government to take responsibility, let us also do the same in our own homes and in our communities and in our own bodies… the government can put in the walkways and create the paths but the government can’t come and knock on our day and make us use them… over to us.

And remember you sweat the same in Lorna Jane as you do in Best and Less! 

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