Simply great sushi service!

Hey friends,

Julie Cross here. Gotta tell you about this service experience. I did a post this morning regarding great service and connecting, et cetera, and I just had this fabulous experience and I had to tell you about it. And, it’s just, it’s the simple stuff, it really is. There’s a new sushi bar that’s opened up near me in Redcliffe, in Bluewater Square, and they’ve replaced a business that closed down, so I’m gathering they closed down because they weren’t doing well, or whatever reason. So, these new owners have taken it over, and they’ve only been open for a few weeks.

So, I go in there the other day, yesterday, to go and get some lunch, and, and they’ve got a sign up, and I go to get my, choose my things off the little train, you know, trains going round, I choose what I want. And I put it in my little container and he said, “$7.50”. And so I go up, and as I go up to pay, I see the sign at the register saying oh, “We don’t accept credit card for under $10.00.” Now I hate that anyway, that always gets me a little bit like, oh for God’s sake! But then I kinda looked at him, and I said, Oh, I haven’t got any cash, I’m sorry. And his instant reply was, “That’s okay, that’s okay, “don’t worry, don’t worry, please, please, “we love that you came here. “We’ll do it, we’ll take the credit card for the $7.50.” I felt like hugging him.

I felt like jumping into his arms, going, oh yes, yes, that’s fantastic, thank you so much! It’s just the little things that delight us as customers. It’s the can-do attitude. It’s the, “No, we can’t do that, no we don’t do that, “no we’re not allowed to do that.” You know, it’s the, it’s the fact that you go beyond the policy and procedures to connect with the customer, and that you say yes, that your serving in offense rather than defense, and defending all your rules. But, you know, having that moment where you go, “How can I make my customer happy right now?” It’s the simple things that will cut through and connect with us as customers, it really is. And I’ll be looking for reasons to go back, and then everybody said goodbye to me as I left.

You know, there was none of that, “Oh geez”, you know? It was just instantly, “Yep, we’d love to do that for you. “Thank you very much, that’s our rules, “but we’re happy to bend them, because, you know, “we love customers and we wanna look after our customers.” So it really is about just that. How can I connect and make somebody feel special today? So, let us always find ways to do just that, and then we’ll be winning ’em, we’ll be winning ’em. So, you know, I’m still thinking about that today after it happening yesterday. So, it really does make a difference. So, anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hi. And yes, my hair looks cute, doesn’t it? Just had my hair done, thanks. Okay, see ya guys, bye. Oh, can’t even find the finish.


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