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This is one for all the people giving it all ‘ON STAGE’…

Let me explain…

I have recently attended a couple events where the ‘back stage’ work has been done really well… they way the event was marketed, the way it was promoted… the story they told about what you could expect, they hype they managed to stir up… and sometimes it is about the ‘fame’ attached to the person who is the star of the show.

And then when we arrived the “ON STAGE” performance left us feeling disappointed and ripped off… that moment where the promises never matched the performance. Where no matter how good the story, the ‘script’ was, the delivery left us disappointed.

So if I can bring this back to my profession as a speaker… they may be ‘famous’ on all kinds of stages, they may have achieved incredible things on the stage of sports or acting or in business…. and the list goes on… so not talking anything away from those achievements… they deserve to be celebrated… but that doesn’t mean they have the skills or the talent or that they have done the work on their ‘ON STAGE’ performance, their stage craft, their ability to take the audience on a journey with them so that they deliver real value and we walk away feeling filled up in our heads and our hearts… getting the real value that we were promised. So let’s make sure that we fulfil the promise we made.

So, to all of those that have to work a bit harder to get people through the door because you are not ‘famous’, congratulations… you have had to work harder on what builds sustainable businesses … you have had to work hard on your stage craft, your service and your on stage delivery… and this will serve you well in the long game.

Oh, and I know it is not the done thing to give yourself a high five, a moment of praise… but what the hell… I never have been one to follow the ‘done thing’… I know I am not famous so have worked bloody hard to make sure when you come to one of my events you never leave feeling like you never got value for money! 😉


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