Service with Attitude

And this is the right attitude! Arrive at Brisbane airport this morning and had checked in and was standing near security waiting for my fellow travellers… suddenly a lady walks into the airport… looking like every other fellow traveler… and as she goes to walk past me she stops and looks at me… she says, ‘Can I help you with anything, is everything ok?’ I think this is lovely but perhaps a little left field… I say, ‘Oh, I am fine… but really nice of you to check in, what made you do that?’
She then looked down at herself as she said, ‘Oh, that must have seemed weird to you, I work for Virgin and just haven’t got changed yet and haven’t quiet started my shift’

You see how awesome that is… she was subconsciously on stage as soon as she walked into the airport, even before she had her show clothes on… her ownership was high, she was aware, caring and performing her best!

That is service with a fantastic attitude and she deserves a standing ovation!

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