Service, service, service!! What happened to service??

Hi there,

Julie Cross here, just want to talk about the power of connection when it comes to inspiring people to do business with you. And that is the one on one connection, from obviously the people at the front which is your team members, the people on the front line. You know, we keep hearing more and more about the power of the internet, selling on the internet, and I hear business’ that have got shop fronts talking about, “Oh, you know, it’s really quiet at the moment “because everyone is online shopping “and now we’ve got Uber Eats, “so they can get their eats delivered.”

Then, I get a little frustrated because I’m thinking, well, if we did a little bit more in our circle of influence, which would be influencing the customers that are coming into us and walking into our doors, then we would be looking out for the ones that we’ve got. But, I don’t see this happening all the time. I don’t see this happening. I don’t see employees necessarily inspired about how powerful they are in that connection and that we have an ability to do that. And if a customer is walking in our door, then we better look after them if they’re arriving at our doorstep. You know, so the power of connection is so important.

I went to Hamilton Island to do some speaking event up there and I arrived on that kind of just before lunchtime flight and so, I got to the island from the airport waiting to have a look around for something to eat. I walked into the local pie shop, bakery, pie shop. They sell big pies. I thought I’d just get a pie nice and easy. I walk into the bakery and the young lady is down the end serving another gentleman. Now, that’s fine. She’s busy serving someone. I can see that. So, I stand there and I wait and then she has to walk past me to go out to the back room to get something for that gentleman. Now as she walks past me, she does not acknowledge me at all. I’ve walked into the shop and I have not yet been acknowledged by anybody. So, she walks past me and doesn’t acknowledge me. Now, is it easy for me to leave?

Absolutely. There’s no connection. It’s easy for me to go. Well, I’m not waiting any longer and walk out to one of the other cafes that are around. So, what however would happen if she had just, as she walked past me, stopped for a moment just looked at me and said, “Hi! “Welcome to the bakery. “I’m just looking after this gentleman. “I won’t be a moment and I’ll be back out to look after you. “Don’t go anywhere. “Small island, I’ll find you.” Like anything! Just give me something. And I would’ve waited. If you did that, I would’ve waited. And we will, we would wait because we’ve had that connection. We almost feel like a loyalty all of a sudden and it happens that quickly. It really can. But she didn’t and so, I walked out. I left the bakery to find something else.

I walked into another little cafe and I remember looking at these kind of stodgy little vegetable wraps that were sitting in the window and thinking, “They look a little bit cold and stodgy,” but as I looked up, this young lady behind the counter goes, “Hi, welcome! “You’ve just got to the island?” And I said, “Yeah, actually I did.” And she said, “Ah, the lunchtime flight.” I said, “That’s right.” She said, “Oh welcome, I’m sorry about the weather, “we’re going to try to organize some sunshine “for a little bit later, but it is a little bit cloudy.” I said, “Oh, that’s okay.” “What are you here for?” And then I said, “You know, I used to know someone “that worked on the island.” And I said his name and she said, “Oh yeah, he’s still here.” Next thing, he walks in. Next thing, the three of us are all chatting.

You wouldn’t believe it, next thing you know, I’m walking out of that cafe eating one of those stodgy little wraps not even quite sure how I got it in my hand, but somehow I bought it. But that’s what it’ll do. That’s what a connection will do. When you connect with somebody and find a way to do that, people will want to find something to buy from you. So, let’s empower our employees and let you be empowered to really make a connection with your customers when they walk in your door and let’s be grateful that they came.

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