Reflection and Correction

A little bit of reflection and some correction… is OK!

A friend recently said to me (and it was from a very caring place), “Jules, don’t be so hard on yourself”. And perhaps I am sometimes.

Then I got to thinking. I think we all need to do more reflection and take more responsibility. Responsibility means the ‘ability to respond’… so if something we have said or done has not provided the result we want rather than ‘blaming’ other people or circumstances we should reflect and take responsibility. I am all for spreading the love and sparkle… You know that about me, but everything doesn’t have to be so wrapped in sparkle and sugar coated that we deny ourselves authenticity, growth and redirection!

When did making a mistake become a bad thing, when did failing at something equal not being good enough? Children aren’t allowed to fail anymore because they may get hurt, or it may affect their self-esteem… Your true self knows when you did the wrong thing, made the wrong decision, said the wrong thing or simply weren’t quite good enough AT something. (That doesn’t mean you are not enough). We can feel it, that is how life gently nudges us in the direction we need to go to live our best lives… personal growth and achievement and reaching the fullest expression of who you are and being real, raw and honest cannot happen without mistakes, failure and taking responsibility for the part you played in the situation. Sometimes you just need to give yourself a good talking too and that is ok!

You see we are not bound by those mistakes in our past as long as we are willing to get back up through them, think differently, act differently and not repeat the behaviours that manifested that moment. That is growth.

And then, know that if you are having those moments, (and let them be moments and move on), YOU are not a failure you are simply in a process of growth… you are ALIVE and living a big and exciting life and this takes reflecting and discovering what behaviours and actions will serve you best to live your greatest life!

I often have to give myself a good talking too, but I don’t stay mad.. I then love myself up for having the courage to take responsibility and do better next time…

Responsibility means the ‘ability to respond’… so if something we have said or done has not provided the result we want rather than ‘blaming’ other people or circumstances we should reflect and take responsibility.

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