Praise and Promote! Customer Service at Lovisa

Recently I was walking through Strathpine Shopping Centre and noticed this young lady walk past me… you couldn’t help but notice her…she just had that energy of ‘owning her space’… later on after some wandering I wandered into a shop needing some accessories for an event… the shops was Lovisa and as I started looking around a young lady approached me… this same young lady… her name is Kerry Ebony… and Kerry went on to give me the most fabulous service.

Not only does Kerry look the part… I mean she looks like she loves and sells jewellery and accessories… she is owning her stage, but she was helpful, enthusiastic and passionate about matching pieces, giving me her opinion without being pushy or overbearing… she was owning her stage and she delivered a stunning performance and deserves a standing ovation!

We can talk about all too the bad service moments… but I sure do love to celebrate the great ones!

So be like Kerry… own your space… after all you chose this job… and I know that when the Universe is looking for somebody to give a great opportunity too… to offer an opportunity to take a bigger stage with bigger rewards, well it will be people like Kerry that will get chosen!


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