Passion, Not Perfection!


So, this is what I find in my head this morning… how many things are we putting off doing waiting until we think we have got it perfect… how many things would we be trying if we were not concerned with perfection. I often get asked what Public Speaking training I have had… to become a ‘Professional Speaker’, and I have a real problem with that word ‘Professional’, I think people get caught up in trying to be ‘Professional and Perfection’ and lose ‘Authenticity and Passion.’

If you have seen me speak you will know that it is not a Toastmaster kind of Professional style, it is obvious there is little traditional training… I talk fast, move around too much and sometimes even forget what I am saying because I have too much to say, but it is me, it is real and it is from my heart… and maybe that is what the people who get me connect too… it is far from a perfect speaking style.

I recently sent out a newsletter and after I sent it I realised it had a typo… while this is not preferred or what I would aim for, at least I sent something, and those that only saw and focused on the typo and missed the message, well right there is another story with a great analogy for my next speaking event!

Don’t let waiting to be perfect at something stop you doing it (because sometimes perfect will still be an opinion really, except in the case of a typo) and sometimes it is in your imperfections, in those seemingly imperfect moments that we see the best of the real you and that is what we connect too at a deeper level.

Glad I got that out… have a happy imperfect kind of day!

In moments of imperfection, and how we deal with those moments, there is the gift of inspiration and deep moments of connection with those we affect.

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