Loving with Autism Update

Our children’s health and teaching healthy habits is really our responsibility as parents… I mean if not ours, whose??

Thomas’s diet and health has always been a concern for me and with all of the food sensory issues and obsessions it is not necessarily easy to create and maintain healthy habits… but it is still my responsibility. And then throw in hubby’s stroke and grief… well to be honest there were so many battles to choose and I let the ‘food’ and exercise battle go on occasion to deal with other issues… but it is still my responsibility.

So even though he may cuss and swear and throw food around when I tried to get him to try healthy things… well I still have to keep on because it is my responsibility.


So with more space in our lives and with things being a little ‘calmer’ these days it is time to step up the healthy living lessons.

So, after some swearing and resisting we did an aerobic boxing class together and Thomas worked so hard and he did great!!!

So proud of him!


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