Loving with (Autism) Being Thomas Update: Foot in the Door Training


Loving with (Autism) Being Thomas Update: Thomas has been doing her Certificate 3 in Hospitality… this is Renee from ‘Foot in the Door Training’ where he is doing his Certificate…

He is coming towards the end of his course and called in to see how Thomas was going and this is what she said…

‘Julie, Thomas is such a joy to have around… we just want to keep him… he has done so well and he will do so great in the workforce… you must be so proud and whatever you are doing, keep doing it because it sure is working!’

Since Thomas has left school I feel a little like we are a bit lost and going around in circles with this job thing… I feel like it would be better if there was no ‘label’ of Autism and then everybody could just see Thomas the young man and not look at him through there lens of what they think of what Autism may look like, or there ignorance of what they think Autism does look like.

And with all of my honest and vulnerable sharing, so I may educate others and make other feel less alone on their journey… well, maybe I have misled the tribe of where we are now… Thomas no longer kicks in walls and swears… his a highly competent, polite young man that is committed, consistent and loyal… he will be your most dedicated employee, he will add great value to the service he gives to your customers and he will always do his jobs to the standard THAT YOU HAVE TAUGHT HIM TO DO THEM AT.

Yes, it seems we talk inclusion a lot better than we walk it… but one step at a time! 

Thanks to Renee and the team at ‘Foot in the Door Training’ at Caboolture for your care.

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