Loving with Autism Update: L Plates


loving with autism learners

Well this happened today and I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of this young man! Well, if I am honest… proud and scared!! Lol…

And while I am being honest I also have a confession… because the truth is that if 10 years ago you had said to me that Thomas would get his Learners one day I would have had trouble seeing it. When you are in the midst of Autism at its loudest and walls are being kicked in, windows broken and the only word he can say is ‘fuck’… well truth is there are times that it is pretty hard to see all the amazing things they will go on to achieve. And I do feel a little bad that I sometimes lost my vision of hope and trust in broken walls… I guess I was and am still on my ‘L’ plates on this parenting Autism… or perhaps parenting in general lol.

And why does his face look like that?

Well you do know that when you are having your photo taken for your licence you can’t smile! 😉

Now God please be with me for these 100 hours and beyond!


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