Learn to love your body

I am in a busy city cafe ordering a coffee before I go and present… it is busy and noisy, a group of 3 girls are beside me.. one more my age and a couple of younger girls… next minute one of the girls shriek so loudly it causes people to look.

She then says, ‘How can that be a compliment, it is not a compliment to say my butt has got smaller!!’. I look and seek clarification… ‘Did you just say it’s not a compliment to say your butt has got smaller?’

(The said not compliment came from lady my age… we exchange glances knowingly), Young girl says, ‘No, big butts are it’.

I smile and think how ridiculous it all is and how fleeting it is when we are in then out… which is why you just got to be happy with the body you got…

However I also secretly thank the Universe for my booty… I am going to proudly shake that booty of mine… I am so cool right now!! And who knows how long it will last!!

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