Are You Afraid of Living Instead of Dying?

Hey there, Julie Cross here. I just wanted to talk a little bit about today the subject of dying or living, perhaps,because a friend and I were chatting the other day and she asked me that question and sometimes, perhaps, we ask and we get,you know, we can ask, “are you afraid of dying?” and it made me start really thinking about that.

But you know what I’m afraid more of, is not living the life that I’ve got here, that’s what I’m most afraid of and I think that there are more people afraid to really live life than there is to die because you look at the way people aren’t living their life, we’re not giving our life the respect it deserves so I’m scared of not living my life to the fullest.

That’s what makes me scared is that I would get to the end and look back and go, “I never really lived.” And every day I wake up I go, “I wanna feel life, I wanna live life.” And to really live a big life that means we can’t be scared of failing, that means we can’t be scared of getting out of our comfort zone, that means we have to have the courage to do those things because that’s what living looks like.

Living a big life look like daring to fail, following your dreams and your passions, despite what other people think about them. It’s staying true to who you are with the conviction that, you know, that what matters most is what you think of you and not the opinion of everybody else out there, that’s what truly living is, being able to do that.

To truly live life, you’ve got to risk feeling bad, you know, because life will hurt and sometimes it hurts a little and sometimes it hurts a lot. And, so, it’s because of the depths of despair that you go to and you allow yourself to go to in really living a life that you will have the heights of joy.

And I think there are people really scared to go there, they’re really scared, they have this fear of risking all of that. You know, we don’t wanna plateau because that’s not living. Living looks like this. That’s what living a life looks like. It’s not flat lining through life. So I think that there are more people scared to really live life to the fullest than to not be here at all.

So let us give the life the respect it deserves and let us really live our life and dare to risk things and have the courage to do that and to own our emotions and to go with it and to risk failure, to have the courage to own who we are and own our space in the world because that’s the sort of living that we all deserve, to really live life and make sure what matters most at the end will be what we think of the life that we lived and what we left undone all because we were scared of something that had to do with living life.

So, yeah, I think that what I’m scared of is not really living my life. So every day I get up and go, for me to really live this day, what would that look and feel like to me for me to get to the end of the day and go, “I really lived the hell out of that day” and that’s everyday, that what I wanna do, I wanna live my life, you know.

If there was one thing that my husband taught me, you know, it was that it’s a heart beat in it. It’s a heart beat in it and then you’re gone. So let us live this life, let us really live it because that is what our life, the respect that our life deserves, so let’s give it that respect, don’t be scared to really live your life to the fullest, go for it, because in the end we’re not getting out of here alive.

In the end, that’s it. Okay, so go and live your day. See ya!

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