Are you happy with your life journey?

My oldest son Jack wrote this in a school personal development assignment in his last year of school…

The question was, “Am I happy with my life journey, what would I change?” The answer, “Yes, I would change nothing…it has all shaped who I am today!”

The question was, “Who has affected you most?”
The answer, “My Dad, he was everything I could dream of being”

His dad was in the Army and his Dad loved to play Rugby and recently Jacko was named in the Australia Defence Force Rugby Team representing Australia. His Dad would be so proud.

Nobody wants their children to have a ‘rough’ and ‘tough’ journey, and it sure is hard to watch, but when I hear him say things like this and when I see and feel who he is today I know for sure the journey he has been on has shaped the RESILIENT, kind and courageous young man he is… and he is charging through life with a fierce and strong determination and a gently heart… and I am feeling pretty sadly, happily, proudly, awesomely, quietly, loudly, peacefully good about that…

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