Enthusiasm isn’t just a feeling …. It’s an action!!


If you want a life filled with more excitement, enthusiasm, fun and passion… than bring it!

Because what you withhold shall be withheld from you!

Enthusiasm isn’t just a feeling …. It’s an action!!

Everybody knows about enthusiasm and everybody has been affected by the ‘positive energy’ created when enthusiasm is present!

It is no secret that when somebody is feeling inspired, enthusiastic and motivated at work that they are more likely to perform at a higher level. It is no secret that the energy they are bringing to the workplace will effect their performance because it will effect the people around them, that is co-workers, customers, and potential customers.

This is the law of attraction in action, the energy behind the action will attract more of the same… so if we want to inspire people to buy from us and continue to do business with us then we need to be sure that this is the message we are projecting with our energy!

When you connect with somebody with sparkle, positive expectation and enthusiasm, then we get that back and of course that is what we deserve! And so it also works that if we are giving out a negative energy then we can expect to attract more of the same.

Maybe you have encountered that on a personal or professional level, or perhaps you have seen this in action with some people around you?

You wake up in the morning and you start your day off tired and then you have an argument with a family member, you then get into the car and get caught in traffic… everything then seems to be going ‘wrong’. Every bit of bad luck going around seems to stop by and knock on the door and you open the door and let it in… because you are having a bad day…. Are you really? Or is this simply the law of attraction in action and we are inviting these experiences in to affirm what we believe to be true at this moment… we are having a bad day.

So could we then take action, change our thoughts, change our energy level, start acting with enthusiasm and therefore start attracting and finding the better moments, the great moments, the sparkling moments, the joyful moments, I hope so because it is in these moments that we delight the customer, make the sale, make budget, and love our work, and attract more of the same! Now we are making a difference and attracting success!

Yes, some discipline is required to take action and reinvent enthusiasm and positive energy when we are feeling routine, tired and negative but if we believe in the law of attraction then it is certainly worth the effort!! It seems some people think that passion and enthusiasm should just arrive every morning when we wake up… and if we are not feeling it then we have no control over it, well I don’t believe that is the case.

Enthusiasm and passion are feelings we have the power to create through our actions and thoughts. So, if I was to wake up one day not feeling very enthusiastic, and yes, believe me that does happen, then I would ask myself the following questions and act accordingly.

• If I was enthusiastic about my work what time would I show up? (And then show up at that time!)
• If I was enthusiastic about my work what would my face look like at work? (And then I would make my face look like that!)
• If I was enthusiastic about my work what would I say when I was asked about it? (And then I would respond positively!)
• If I was enthusiastic about my work how much effort would I put in? (And then I would put that amount of effort in!)

And so by taking action and putting enthusiasm into action we then will find that the positive energy and feeling catches up with us!

We deserve to move through this life with energy, sparkle and passion, despite what may be ‘happening’ to us or around us! And stuff will happen and that is no secret either!

Yes, enthusiasm may just be the secret of success and happiness. We often see that the real winners in life are the happy, positive and passionate individuals, so are they happy, positive and enthusiastic because they are winners or are they winners because they are happy, positive and enthusiastic?

I know the answer to that and I think you do too!

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