Hands Across the Water


This year I was fortunate enough to speak on the ‘Future of Leadership’ Stage again… these events support the charity that is ‘Hands Across the Water’… a charity started by Peter Baines in 2005 after the Boxing Day Tsunami. Hands now has 7 projects across Thailand with 350+ children in their care.

Children that have no known family to care for them, or perhaps they have a family member who cannot care for them, or they were in an unsafe situation.

Where would these children go without Hands? I love how Peter says, ‘We can’t help everybody, but we can help somebody’.

And so we should.

While I was in Bangkok last week I had the incredible opportunity to visit one of these incredible places… ‘Home Hug’

An incredible lady called Mae Thiew started and continues to oversee Home Hug… she is one incredible lady that radiates love, peace and an incredible and unwavering commitment to these children… their physical, mental and emotional health, their education and their happiness.

She wants them to feel love and joy and relishes seeing you share yourself with the children.

What an incredible experience to watch these children at ‘play’… to see them learning through hands on activities. We were served pizzas made by the children… a small pizza oven made out of a small drum sitting on top of coals.. the pottery and sculptures they make.. amazing… doing Batik tie dye… the colour coming from banana leaves… and do much more.

We were treated to a concert… dancing always a great way to bond. You will notice in one of the videos I am having an ‘Air Guitar’ moment with a young man… this young man lives with Autism and we connected in this moment… so special.

I am so grateful to Claire and Peter Baines for the experience… and so in awe of the work they do. What a privilege to spend time with Mai Thiew and these divine children.

If you want to know about the great work Hands do or want to see how you can contribute go to

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