Earth Angels

I shared some of this story on my personal page but let me tell you the whole story here…

I was sitting at one of those lunch bars where you watch the people go by… the perfect place to sit on your own… and was feeling a bit… well I wasn’t sure… but then a lady walked past… an elderly lady and I don’t know who she was and we glanced at each other and then she stopped, looked at me and said. ‘You look a bit lost’… and then I thought… well I do feel a little bit lost at times.

I had just ordered food and glass of wine… sat on my own and was feeling a bit ‘partner lonely’… (I am fine, it just happens sometimes)… was thinking about Flash and how much he would have loved living here…

Waitress comes over with 2 glasses of wine… I look at her and say I only ordered one and she says, ‘Oh, I thought I saw your partner here with you… is he coming back?’

Then I can’t find my words… didn’t think it was appropriate to ask if she sees dead people… but I did think to myself… he is always here and always finding a way to let me know he is… but he won’t be coming back! 

Some choose to see this as nothing or a bit of a coincidence or a funny episode… but I know for sure that the universe uses its earth angels to connect with you and give you messages… I choose to believe and I am ok if you don’t… but it is pretty awesome over here! 

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