When people talk about courage and when they say to me that I am courageous, well I have always felt that it was not deserving, because I guess when I had thought of being ‘courageous’ that would be running into a burning building to save somebody or something like that… but I think I get it. In a world where people are so consumed about the opinion of others and being ‘liked’ courage has a whole new gig.


Courage is not just about running into a burning building to save somebody else but also about running inside to look at your burning desires and save yourself from not doing them…It seems it does take a certain courage to stand up for what you believe in at the risk of walking away from the crowd and facing the opposition, it takes courage to wear what you want, even if it stands out from the crowd and strays from what is cool and then walk into a room like you own it, it takes courage to end a relationship that you know is not right even if it means breaking somebody’s heart, but it takes even more courage to declare your love to somebody at the risk of rejection and perceived humiliation, it takes courage to own your truth of your situation and declare it to the world never minding the judgements, whispers and stares, it takes courage to admit your mistakes and apologise for them at the risk of everybody knowing you are as ‘human’ as the rest of us.


It takes courage to share your vulnerability’s but not let them define you, it takes courage for a leader to put his ego aside at the risk of appearing ‘weak’, but in fact knowing it makes him strong. It takes courage for a team member to put forward a new idea and bring some creativity to her work. And it takes courage to dare to follow your dream and risk failure and falling. Yes, it seems it does now take courage just to stand truthfully in YOU and all that you are, all that you believe in and all that you truly want from life!
Courage is so in and looks so good on you!



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