Conversation with the Universe: What was the problem again?

Because sometimes we need reminding and we just got to keep perspective…

My Chat to the Universe on Life!
Do you ever have chats to the Universe like this? Keeping ourselves on track or going crazy!?

Me: Universe, I sometimes feeling like I am not moving through all my ‘stuff’ and life good enough and fast enough… and I have made some dumb decisions… and I feel overwhelmed.

Universe: Oh I see… so let’s take a look here… Have you managed to keep a roof over your head and your families?
Me: Yes.

Universe: Have you food in the fridge?
Me: Yes.

Universe: Clothes, kids at school?
Me: Yes.

Universe: Friends, family around you?
Me: Yes.

Universe: Are your kids heading in the right direction… feeling loved… developing life skills, supported… mostly staying out of big trouble?
Me: Yes.

Universe: Are you on drugs, anti-depressants, had a major breakdown, unhealthy, sick or anything like that?
Me: Well, have drunk a bit of wine in my time… but…No… Oh, here we go…

Universe: About those bad decisions… will you make them different next time?
Me: Yes

Universe: So, those decisions helped you adjust your course towards a more positive direction and place?
Me: Well…
Universe: Yes or no?
Me: Oh alright…yes!

Universe: If you left this world tomorrow could you say you have lived a full feeling life, ticking off many of your ‘I must experience and do things’ in your life?
Me: Yes.

Universe: And do you believe you would have left your footprints (or sparkle as you like to call it!), and you have done your bit to affect the world and the people in it in a positive way?
Me: Well I suppose so…
Universe: YES OR NO!
Me: Yes!

Universe: Has all of your life experiences and challenges contributed to who you are today and what you are able to achieve?
Me: Yes.

Universe: Do you like who you are?
Me: Yes.

Universe: Good, I like you too.
Me: Thanks.

Universe: Now, what was the problem again?
Me: You think you smart and funny don’t you?
Universe: Oh, I know I am! Thanks for the chat!

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