Bring on 2018

So it is time… and I know that it is… but still I resist because I crave that other time… the time between the years where maybe we don’t have to think about what happens next… the time where you can wallow in wonder and mystery and believe just for a minute or two in the voices in your head and the angels in your heart and feelings in your soul… without being presumed a fool…

Anyway… put aside all of that once considered foolishness and lets ‘set goals’ for the new year..

Well, for me that never has sat right either… so for me being a ‘success’ is a pretty big and broad and deep concept… there is no point in being a success financially if my body is not being taking care of… being a success physically is a waste if my relationships are not being nurtured… being a success spiritually is useless if I can’t feed my family… so to me success is about balance and about ‘peace’.

So at this point in my life I do have a roof over my head, I have a beautiful view… I have the means to educate and look after my son who lives with Autism and in turn he teaches me to live with life… my adult son is doing a magnificent job of making his way in the world with his delightful girlfriend… and I have feedback that I make a difference in various peoples lives… my body is strong and healthy and I have the most incredible friends and family around me..

And then on our most recent hike trip my girlfriend of some 20 years says to me, ‘Jules, can I just say that you bring so much joy, fun and laughter to all that you connect with and it is such an honour to spend this time with you’…

And I think to myself… that to me is being a successful human being and that is more than enough for me.  And we have just got started… bring on 2018!

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