BEing and DOing

Everyday I walk along the beach and collect glass… I then come home and put it in this bottle. But you see it’s not just about collecting glass and having a pretty bottle of glass… it is much more than that. It is the sound of the beach in my ears… the feel of the sand through my toes and the feel of the water as it washes over my feet… it is the nurturing of my soul and the stopping of my mind… it is mindfulness.

It is BEing in the moment and flowing and surrendering and releasing all DOing and fighting for it..

So this is not just a bottle of glass… this bottle represents some of my best ideas, my greatest moments on stage and some of my best blog pieces… because magic and inspiration are so often found in the quiet spaces between our thoughts accessed by mindfulness…

This bottle also is somewhat responsible for my emotional, mental and physical health… all benefit when we let go and BE!

So let us make the time for mindfulness… and for those activities that nurture that space. When we allow ourselves to simply BE… we DO better and will access all that we want to HAVE…

And it seems many of us are still getting it back to front thinking if we just DO it all really quickly… Get all we want to HAVE and then we can relax and BE… hmmm I think the BE comes first! 

I used to cross stitch!  and I do love a jigsaw too… how about you?

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