Be the Lover of Life

Be a lover of life and choose to see the magic! Why wouldn’t you? It feels so good!  😉

Some people like to make fun of the fact that I feel and hear Angels in feathers and they try and dis-prove the possibility that it could be so with some smart arse comment like… ‘Maybe a feather is there because a bird flew by’… but you see it doesn’t matter what they think, what matters is what I get out of those moments and I am so glad I see and feel things like that…

I see things … do you?

Was talking to a friend the other day about how glad I am that I see things!

That I see hope in a weed growing up through a crack in the road, that I see inspirational messages from Angels and those that have passed in feathers, that a sunset can say to me that I will take any troubles from the day with me this evening and a sunrise can greet me with a message around being given another precious day to do with as you choose or to begin again, that a breeze that whips around me feel likes life wrapping me up and saying you are doing fine, that a flower blooming reminds me that perfection is everywhere and it happens without much effort… that the snail I saw this morning said it is ok to slow the pace what is over there will still be there, or there will be some more of something else when you get there.

Mother Nature has so many messages for us, she doesn’t try to be brilliant, she just is, she doesn’t try to command our attention, she just does, she doesn’t try to get applause, she just does, she doesn’t try and get prime time TV coverage, she just does.

Seeing messages everywhere is like your own personal therapy session every day and it feels great!

So I wish for you today that you see the messages around you today.
Some will be there to celebrate with you, others to affirm you are on the right path, others to redirect you and others to give you hope…we have just got to notice them is all!!



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