Authenticity… it’s so in fashion!

Authenticity…. like many words it too is fast being coming so overused we are becoming desensitized to its real meaning and action, it is one of my favourite concepts … over talked, underutilised… authenticity is genuine and truthful.

I think it is the new ‘black’…

# Everybody has it in their wardrobe.
# Everybody looks good in it.
# It is slimming (you don’t have to wear all the layers of being what everybody wants you to be)
# It is so light to wear and in no way weighs you down.
# It can be dressed up or down! It can be accessorized with your colourful and playful personality allowing your differences to shine through while still being seriously and authentically you.
# It can be worn under what you are wearing/doing today close to your heart reminding you to make decisions through your authentic and core beliefs.
# It always gives you an extra burst of confidence and you walk into a room in that little black number, like you know who you are and proud to show it!

Yeah! Go forth and work it!!

Be YOU, walk tall and be proud because you look so good in YOU!

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