Angel Feather Update

This was a feather update from about a year ago…clever universe and Angels… so true. 

Angel feather Update:

Laying on the path right at my feet,
This feather and I destined to meet,
And immediately the message came through,
And now I would love to share it with you,

Julie, next time you sit in such deep reflection,
Please know you are headed in the right direction,
Your purpose is strong and showing you where to go,
But it sits on a light, gentle foundation that knows how to flow,
And that is important because sometimes your ego holds on too tight,
Wanting to make something happen they try with all their might,
But sometimes you need to give room for the Universe to do its stuff,
And show you the right here and now there is more than enough,
Enough fun, laughter, stuff, people, love and money,
Oh yes it is all there and we will also find you your little honey,

Who would have thought Angels could be so bloody funny!

And so they did!

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