An African Adventure: Gorillas

When I was a kid, friends had posters in their walls of singers and movie stars… I had posters of monkeys… I have always had a burning desire to see the Gorillas in their natural habitat.

Last time I was in Africa I was close but my budget wasn’t … and if you had asked me anytime during the worst of our times I would have found it hard to visualise as a dream that would come true…

But today that dream did come true… and aside from seeing my boys grow into wonderful young men, it is the greatest gift the Universe could have given as a ‘celebration’ for climbing what has felt like a very challenging emotional mountain that felt insurmountable at times. But when you keep climbing one day you will be treated to a beautiful view!

The words to try and describe the experience with the Gorillas today are hard to find… it was such a magical and awe inspiring, soul nurturing and heart filling experience.

We watched as the Silverback sat and then laid, we delighted in the baby as he tumbled and played and at one stage reached his hand out to me… we were amazed at how Mummy protected and nurtured and kept her babe safe, and we laughed as the Aunty ‘rough housed’ with baby.

We were so close… well as close as allowed… so incredible.

The Universe never fails to delight me but today was the ultimate… it was such an emotion filled hour and I feel so grateful to all those that supported me in arriving at this moment.

Keep on, sometimes dreams take a long time to realise but when you do you will know the journey was as it should be and was worth it.

These are just a sample of the photos on my phone… the best are on my camera… enjoy! Xx

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