Julie Cross Unplugged! Adults Only National Tour 2019


A special ADULTS ONLY Show…


Julie Cross Unplugged!


It is ‘inspirational entertainment’, but it is on a whole new level… welcome to the untold stories, the conversations we haven’t had yet but are ready to have.

I’ll keep coming back to your shows Julie Cross!! You are so inspiring, funny as and real! I laughed so much as usual and it was a timely reminder to me to not forget to laugh when you are going through crap. Thank you so much and thank you for being you 🙂
Christine Calvert

More depth, laughter, authenticity, honesty and ah ha moments.

This is the show you bring your girlfriends to and to share as husbands and wives. This is the ADULTS ONLY SHOW.

We take the challenges of life and dare to see the lighter side… we allow ourselves laughter when we thought there was nothing to laugh about… and we get back up through the chaos.

Discover how the ability to stay connected to our sense of humour is one of the greatest emotional workouts we can have.

You are invited to find the fun in the not so funny, rise up through the moments that could have kept you down and laugh hard and loud because it feels so damn good!

This is not the SHOW to come to if you are easily offended or find it hard to find the laughter in the serious and the deep.

It’s inspirational entertainment at its best!

Julie is an Inspirational Entertainer, Multi-Award Winning Speaker and Semi Finalist in Stand Up Comedy.


Ocean International Hotel Friday, 26 July 2019 from 6:30 PM

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Sunshine Coast

Maroochydore RSL  Friday, 18 October 2019 from 6:30 PM

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The Boulevard Centre Monday, 4 November 2019 from 6:30 PM

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Here are some of what past attendees through of the Adults Only show


It was again a brilliant night, always laugh so hard at your shows. You are an amazing person xx
Bron Nie

Absolutely loved your show last night Julie! You are such an inspirational entertainer. ??
Angie Henry

Thank you Julie Cross, I had a wonderful time last night at your show. You truly are an inspiration. I laughed, I cried (so much the lovely lady next to me handed me a tissue – thank you!) and then I laughed again. If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favour and go and see Julie in her amazing show. You won’t regret it!!!!
Juleia Moore

You are just sensational, I was listening to everyone as I was walking to the car and some of the comments summed up what we all were thinking, here are some of the words used…..honest, real, authentic, inspiring, realist, happy, energetic, connection, motivating, gorgeous, and of course my favourite Fu—ing Funny. so many great take aways as always Julie and I think schools should pay you to educate our future. Thank you for being such an incredible human, I am so sorry that life has been hard but by God he did it for a reason, so that you could help change lives everyday going forward. I have so much respect for you and your story, thank you for sharing with us. My husband just asked when I got home, what did you learn, I said not what you hoped for darling, but I learnt to keep shit real. Congratulations xxxxxxxxx
Tracey Mathers

Great night, Julie!! Thank you and keep sparkling, you are fabulous!!! ???❤️?
Nat Nixon

What an inspirational night (or do I call it a show, or an event or a seminar I can’t remember the correct term now lol). It was amazing and I will be back thanks Julie you are one incredible person…..Thanks for the sparkle.
Jodie Jensen

Brilliant show once again! Thank you so much for all the laughs and tears…such a great night. Keep sparkling!
Tracey Boccalatte

Great night again thank you Julie Cross.
Laurene Coates

Thank you .. it’s been a couple years since I saw your show last… (This is now my 3rd show)… I needed reminding of a few things..I believe you “ get what you give”, and you know what , even I see feathers and you are the person I think of …continue to sparkle, I aim to shine as bright as you, with you ? 
Janelle Reilly

Love Love Love your show! You were amazing ? 
Tania Brown

Was a great night. Thank you again Julie, lots of love x? 
Leah Keating

Loved the show once again. Laughed, cried and came away inspired again. 
Karen Booth

Thanks Julie, my first show, thoroughly enjoyed it all, a great night and a good laugh.
Anne Pavy

Thank you Julie Cross for a wonderful night. Thank you for your hugs to our family and you infectious energy…. 🙂 xxx
Kayleen Zoethout

Yet another terrific show, my third but Tania Brown first. Love ya girlfriend and yes took away new thoughts and processes to heal my mindset ?
Angie Herpich

Really enjoyed the night
Michelle Freshwater

You are fabulous Julie Cross! We thoroughly enjoyed your raw honesty and humour. Life looks different today and I think I like it ?
Kerryl De Felicis

What a Wonderful night spent with friends and listening to you Julie!!! Well done on your show??? it was entertaining, hilarious, sad, funny and had some reflection moments. I totally enjoyed the belly laugh. Thank you again ?✨?✨?✨
Maria Watson

You are Sensational ❤️❤️
Terri Lee

You are Just amazing Julie. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us and your journey. I walked away a different person after your show. You have shown me how to truly live life to the fullest. Keep on sparkling 
Elsa Ferraro

Truth hurts when you laugh hard with Julie Cross. Stepping into the moment & sitting in her vibration on her level is catching. Little giggle, little boogie, little tinkle. Just saying. ❤️❤️❤️see you soon. xxx
Elleh Cim

I came last night with three of my closest girls, I wanted them to hear your journey, that I have been blessed to be a part of since Thomas started Kindy.I didn’t expect , to be crying within the first half an hour then again five more times during the course of the evening. I had completely forgotten about the letter from Kindy you wrote but when you mentioned it I remembered it word for word. I was sent down a path of memories, the photos of Flash, the memories you evoked from his funeral, then their Grade 7 graduation. Then the class photo!! ???You didn’t mention the massive clap of thunder and lightning while the kids were waiting to enter the hall…. definitely a message from Flash… Takes an army to raise these kids…. I have always loved and respected you and I love and respect you even more now. You sparkle without the sparkles my friend you are a true diamond, pure and refined… Thank you for the journey and May we make time for that catch up!!!
Lisa Kerlin

Awesome, evening. Julie you never disappoint x
Annette Bremen

Great night Julie! Haven’t laughed so hard in a while. My hubby loved your CD in the car on the way home. He wants to see you next time too!
Tina Joanna Vlahogenis

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