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Strong Girls! Strong World! Maryborough, QLD

March 16th, 2016

Maryborough High School, Kent Street, maryborough

Julie Cross teams up with Maryborough High School to empower up our women and our girls!

The perfect mother and daughter event or come with a group of girlfriends!

Welcome to an evening of inspirational entertainment as well as thought provoking and life changing conversations!

Depression, anxiety, bullying, eating disorders, peer group pressure, body image concerns, domestic violence against women…

All of these issues are becoming more and more evident within our society and particular around our young girls.

And now it is time!

It is time for us to own the space we were born into.. starting with our physical space, it is time to remember what we already knew and acted with courage, conviction and confidence.

It is time for personal responsibility and self leadership. It is time to let our light shine and lead the way. It is time for laughter, fun and fearlessness. It is time to allow ourselves joy.

It is time to face our fears, move through our pain and sorrow, embrace our mistakes and grow through our failures!

It is time to empower up and live our best life, because we just get one chance.

It is time to remember what we already knew and we are good enough!


“Hi Julie! I came to your show on Wednesday night and I just wanted to say thank you! When mum told me she was taking me to an inspirational speaker I was like “Oh great, here we go again”. But you are incredible. I laughed the whole time and everything you said just made sense. You’ve been through so much and you’re the most positive, inspiring person I know! What an amazing thing to do for a living, making a difference. I can assure you that this is your purpose and you are 100% making a difference. I wish everyone I knew had seen your show on Wednesday, I’m only 15 and I had no clue someone could have such an impact and change your life at 15.” Georgia, Brisbane

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