Just Who Does She Think She Is? The Book




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In this book I will take you on a journey into the strategies that I have used to negotiate some extremely emotionally and physically challenging situations.
It is not about avoiding the painful situations in life, because there are no strategies for that! But instead, it is about growing through those challenging times and smiling and finding joy, despite the challenges. And you do want to know how to do that don’t you? Through the power of story telling I look forward to taking your hand and invite you to see yourself and get to know yourself and the strengths you have that are revealed through the challenges we face and walk though.
It is real, raw and honest.
There are happy times and fun times but I don’t avoid the tough times and the ugly times… but always no matter the times you will feel the hope!
This book will not only inspire the readers to live their best life, own their space in the world and make their dreams come true, but it will also be a comforting place to go and give hope to anybody who has had to, or is dealing with grief, caring for a loved one or parenting a child with a disability.

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