Julie Cross….Live


“Hi Julie, Thank you so much for an inspirational presentation. Your words of wisdom were just what our team needed to hear. Your humour and honest messages have made all of us question or reaffirm our commitment to making our lives and our work more meaningful and fulfilling. With our lives and professions so demanding, you have made us stop a while and realise the importance of looking after ourselves and putting into perspective the big and little things that surround and permeate us both personally and professionally. Sending many blessings and good fortune your way”. Kym McAndrew 

Thank you so much for coming to town. I had so much fun…laughed so much my face hurt, I enjoyed the evening to the fullest.  You are really strong and a great entertainer. I have learned so much about myself and I promise to you that from now on I will care less about what others say about me, and to stay true to who I am and what I want. Life is short and I will enjoy myself and most importantly to SPARKLE!!

It is time for empowering up individuals, families, teams, teens, leaders, Mums, Dads, employed, unemployed, CEO’s and YOU to live you best life and live it out loud!

YES, it’s a SHOW for everybody.

Here is a little overview of what happens at a Julie Cross Show!!


Because you told me, you told me when you left my SHOW that it was time… time that your husband, your teenager, your son, your daughter, your boss, your team, your wife and your friends all heard this message!


Because it is time!

It is time for us to own the space we were born into.. starting with our physical space, it is time to remember what we already knew and act loudly with courage, conviction and confidence.

It is time for personal responsibility and self leadership. It is time to let our light shine and lead the way. It is time for laughter, fun and fearlessness. It is time to allow ourselves joy.

It is time to face our fears, move through our pain and sorrow, embrace our mistakes and grow through our failures!

It is time to empower up and live our best life and live it loud, because we just get one chance.

It is time to remember what we already knew and we are good enough!

And what you will hear and feel at this SHOW will affect everything in your life… your relationships, your workplace energy, your HR issues, your team work, your customer service, your friendships, your success, your happiness and your health… yep, it is BIG!

The relationship and conversation you have with yourself will affect every other relationship and conversation that you have!!

You will be entertained.. you will laugh and you may cry a little, you will be challenged and you will have many moments that you see yourself in, you will be taken on a lively, feeling, thinking, soul nurturing and sometimes confronting journey that will rouse your senses, stir your emotions and challenge you to take action… it’s not just a ‘seminar’…

It’s a SHOW!!

No excuses… if you have seen me before there will be a combination of the old classics and some new concepts, stories and surprises!

Look forward to seeing you!


20th November – Hobart

27th November – Newcastle

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