Julie Cross Elevate Showreel

No matter what industry you are in, your culture, your service, your sales and your success relies on the energy of the individuals. What an hour to present at the Agency, ELEVATE event.

Hairhouse Road SHOW!

It is always an honour after speaking at a National Conference to be invited back to do a Road SHOW so that the team members that couldn’t be at the conference have the opportunity to experience the messages, and the energy and know for sure that they all have a profound impact on our clients, our customers and our success, everyone is THAT important.


We can’t assume that everyone knows how to manage their energy, leave their moods back stage and give awesome customers service … these all are learnt skills. Let’s train them instead of blaming them!

Presenting at the Lions Convention…
The Power of YOU and your Positive Energy!

This message resonates to all audiences … we all have an energy signature that we bring into the room and into life. What is your energy signature and what does it say about you? And remember what flows from you flows to you, so it is worth managing our energy!

(Well the speakers version at least)

So excited to be the ‘Professional Speakers Australia’ Keynote Speaker of the Year for 2023!


My acceptance speech, thanking those that helped make it happen and reminding you why you should never give up on your dreams, but be prepared to surrender and flow on the way to that dream.

Your ENERGY Matters!
Improving personal and team performance

Yes, the energy that you take to work with you today really does matter. It is not just about showing up physically, but showing up energetically! A little story about that.

The words you say will affect
how you move through your day!

The words you say will affect how you move through your day! When we are managing our teams mental and emotional wellbeing, let us remember to teach them how to reframe and charge up their muscles of resilience.

The power of a one second connection!

The power of a one second connection! Have you inspired and trained your team in knowing how important that first moment of connection is as a customer walks in the door.

What does inclusion really look like?

We talk about celebrating diversity and inclusion in the workplace, but what does this really look like? It is not always about making people fit in but celebrating and embracing their natural ability to stand out.

There miracle of YOU!

The relationship you have with yourself will affect every other relationship you have in your life. Inspiring your team members to grow their self esteem is the greatest gift you can give to your business. And in 2023 this message takes centre stage with Taryn Brumfitt being name Australia of the Year.

Go Your Own Way

There is no need to compare your success to anybody else. Go your own way, play your own game.Inspire your team to town their space, to bring the best of themselves everyday and know for sure that in doing that, they make a difference.

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