Podcast: My Sparkle is Alive

      My Sparkle is Alive The most famous line of the song and the one that is most often quoted. And rightly so because this is where it all starts. Let’s explore again relationship we have with ourselves… because that is the foundation of all other relationships. Our mental and emotional health depend […]

Podcast: The Universe will Provide

      The Universe will Provide We explore the concepts and philosophies behind this line of the ‘Sparkle Chorus’. It is more than just about goal setting or wishful thinking it is a trust that life is supporting you, a faith that the Universe is conspiring your favour and that in the end it really does […]

Podcast: It’s Not Fluff, it is the Foundation


I get so tired of hearing the messages that I, and other inspirational speakers share described as ‘fluff’, nice to hear but not necessary… ENOUGH! It is necessary! Messages of personal development, self-leadership and inspiration are not fluff, these messages are the foundation! We can not build strong business’s on shaky foundations. Until we get […]

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